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Educating and advocating for our industry, our communities, and the environment, Andrew Parker, Kat Galloway, and Patrick Schauer discuss the many ways the US oil and gas industry produces the most sustainable, reliable source of energy in the world.




Additional Podcasts

Digital Roughnecks - the Oil and Gas Emerging Technology Podcast

Digital Roughnecks is the podcast for oil & gas professionals who use technology to achieve autonomous operations. In particular, we focus on the impact that AI (artificial intelligence) on oil & gas operations.

Tripping Over The Barrel

Tripping Over the Barrel is a series that highlights the unique personalities within the Oil and Gas Industry and the stories they have to share. Hosted by Jeremy Funk and Tim Loser.

David Ramsden-Wood's Hot Take of the Day

Executive, entrepreneur, energy industry expert and author of “What the F@&K is Wrong with Everybody Else? What They Didn’t Teach You in Business School.” Hope is not a plan; Pull no punches; Purveyor of truth (even when you don’t want to hear it). Absolutely IS NOT investment advice.


Margin Call

A podcast that explores the oil markets. We pull the pieces together to talk about how every cut of the barrel is marketed and why prices behave the way they do. With your guides Alex Chandy and “Big” George Paraskevpoulos.


This show combines upstream and midstream expertise in a Rocky Mountain showdown brought to you by Digital Wildcatters. From the wellhead to the waterborne tanker, from the macro to the microseismic, from geopolitics to frac sand, Trisha and Ethan confront the energy issues impacting your business, your wealth, and your way of life.

Tudor Pickering and Holt C.O.B Tuesday

Industry and market commentary posted every Tuesday.

Oil and Gas Startups

The Oil and Gas Startups podcast showcases industry leaders and founders, and tells their stories. Hosted by Collin McLelland and Jake Corley.

Chuck Yates Needs A Job Podcast

You’ve now found your dysfunctional life coach, the Investor Formerly known as Prominent Businessman Chuck Yates. Chuck’s diverse and entertaining guests do agree on one thing – Chuck Yates Needs a Job

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