In November of 2018, the State of Colorado was faced with a ballot measure that, if passed, would have essentially shut down the natural gas and oil industry in Colorado.  As a result of this severe threat to the industry, it’s people, the citizens, and the economy of the State of Colorado; well over a million industry supporters  came together, fought for, and defeated this egregious ballot initiative.

Shortly after the election, we saw a critical need to build from the unity needed to defeat this reckless attempt to end natural gas and oil development in Colorado.  As a result, Energy Strong was born.  Since then, this grass roots movement, has grown exponentially and continues to grow daily.  Yet, the opposition continues to threaten and spread misinformation about an industry.  This threat does not end in Colorado.  Each Energy Strong State has its unique battles.  As a country we are currently witnessing activists on a national stage threaten to shut down the industry.

We cannot and will not let this happen!


What is Important to us:

1.Sharing fact-based information about natural gas and oil and how it’s produced.

 2.Educating on the benefits of the industry, including:

  • Our Health, Safety, and Welfare
  • Our National Security
  • The products and comforts we would not have without the industry
  • The cheap, reliable, and plentiful energy source of natural gas and oil
  • Our Environment
  • Our Economy and Jobs
  1. Teaching that Energy should not be a partisan issue. We must change and correct misinformation on what elected officials our saying about this great industry.



The mission of Energy Strong Colorado is to unify the blue and white-collar professionals of Oil and Gas, while fostering community among the Oil and Gas workforce, the supporting-industry workers, and industry supporters.

We proudly educate others about the benefits of promoting the advancement of natural resource exploration and extraction in The United States of America. Through education and empowerment, we ardently defend any and all attacks against the professionals of the Oil and Gas industry, it’s workers, and their families.

We are thankful for those sacrificing time away from their families to produce the energy we all need. Thank you for being a member of this larger community.


Dustin Case - President

“The natural gas and oil industry in the United States has contributed to the greatest health, safety, welfare, and the cleanest environment in the world.  It’s our responsibility to unify our communities and share this message.”

Jack Hamlin - Vice-President

Domestic energy production techniques are the cleanest and safest in the world; they are a model we should be exporting across the globe.”

Luke Coats Vice-President

“I’m an environmentalist and I support domestic oil and gas development”

Contributing to the Health, Safety, and Welfare of our Communities and the Environment.


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