Our Team


Dustin Case - President

"The natural gas and oil industry in the United States has contributed to the greatest health, safety, welfare, and the cleanest environment in the world. It’s our responsibility to unify our communities and share this message."

Jack Hamlin - Vice President

"Domestic energy production techniques are the cleanest and safest in the world; they are a model we should be exporting across the globe."

Luke Coats - Vice President

"I’m an environmentalist and I support domestic oil and gas development."


Lyndsey Skatberg - Energy Strong Colorado Chapter President

David Connolly - Volunteer service and events

Ryan Zorn - Educational Outreach Team Lead

Andrew Parker, Ph.D - Environmental Steward

Brent Forkner - Environmental Steward

Clayton Nash - Environmental Steward

Patrick Schauer - Environmental Steward

Laura Fidler - Environmental Steward

Matt Barber - Industry Technology Expert

Megan Nyberg - Community Service Champion

Lindsey Rider - Environmental Steward

Bonnie Ellwood - Environmental Steward

we are stronger together

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